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Golf is a Healthy Outdoor Activity During Social Distancing!

Golf lessons will help you enjoy the game more – and win more often!

Willie Pewitt is the well known Detroit area golf coach whose golf lessons can prepare you for many years of pleasure playing better golf. 

“Your game will get better after my lessons. You have my word on it.”          …Willie Pewitt, PGA Pro, Golf Instructor


As a golf instructor, I strive to create an atmosphere of fun and learning. Your questions will get answers!  My golf students learn what I call the cornerstone of fundamentals: Grip, stances, posture, ball position, alignment, and takeway.

I’m very passionate about my golf students coming to a golf lesson and knowing that when they leave they will have the knowledge needed to achieve their goals.

My golf academy is located at The Links at Gateway golf course in Romulus, MI. We offer private golf lessons,  group lessons, junior camps, Golf 101 groups, couples classes, and women only group classes.  Playing lessons are also available.  I enjoy it when a student comes to a golf lesson with a problem and then by the time they leave they have the answer.

Whether you are a beginning golfer, or a competitive golfer, professional golf lessons can help you improve your golf game.

Professional Golf Lessons from a qualified golf instructor will serve you well through the years.  I can help you with everything about improving your golf game.  Topics covered in golf lessons start with selecting the appropriate clubs and continue through improving your stance and improving your swing mechanics.

Golf lessons can take place on the driving range, or on a putting green.  We can work on your T shot, your short game, and your putting accuracy.  Playing lessons are also available on the course.

As a more advanced golfer, you might find that golf lessons will help you improve your distance or accuracy on T-Shots, or bring your short game up to par!  Golf lessons will help you with all these aspects of improving your golf game – going from good to great.

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